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Cleveland may not have the reputation of New Orleans, New York or Nashville, but it is still the fifth largest city in the country in terms of nightlife. If our extensive list of nightlife spots in Cleveland doesn't convince you that the number 5 spot is worthy of the ranking, we recommend you check out these places. On Monday, the East Ohio Nightlife Report is released, a weekly look at the most popular and underrated places in East Cleveland.

The Morning Museum is not the first to open, so head to one of the many bars and restaurants in East Cleveland. Then you go to a place for people who like good food, good beer and multiculturalism, and then some.

The scene may vary depending on which district or neighborhood you are in, but rest assured that you'll find it in Cleveland when you walk down the Strip. The Gateway District headquarters is the East Side Bar and Brewery, a popular destination for locals and tourists alike. If you don't have to drive or drive to Midtown, avoid the area by taking I-90 to University Circle or downtown. Another great option for partygoers who don't want to drive is the bar / brewery shuttle service that runs every other night when a major sporting event or other downtown event takes place, such as the Cleveland Indians vs. Cleveland Browns game.

The main attraction is the view, which offers tourists and residents alike a chance to see the Cleveland skyline and lakefront from outside the city limits on clear days. Although it may sound like a strange first suggestion, the Hofbrauhaus is one of the best places in downtown Cleveland in the Gateway District. Just blocks from the Ohio State University campus, this is the perfect place to watch people let their boats pass by, or perhaps enjoy a sunset at Cleveland's largest terrace restaurant. They offer a variety of craft cocktails and small plates, but the main attraction is their view of the Cleveland skyline.

Visitors to University Circle and Cleveland Clinic can enjoy views of the Ohio State University campus and the city skyline. This is the perfect combination of a Cleveland restaurant and it's laid back on its terrace. Attend the Cleveland Indians games or head out to the lovely terrace where the lights are lined up to create the perfect chill-out atmosphere on summer evenings.

If you are looking for a small place with great concerts and performers, but not a big venue, this is the best place to visit the 5 Jazz Club.

Here is a great place to sample some of the local bands as well as good food and drinks. Take a few beers, go out on the terrace to finish off your day in Cleveland, and head out.

Rise of the Star has 5 locations with great coffee in the Cleveland area, but this place in Hingetown is my favorite. Created by two Brazilian chefs who wanted to bring authentic Brazilian food and drink to Cleveland, the place offers some meaty and delicious Brazilian dishes that you will love and that you should not leave without tasting the caipirinha. This place in Lakewood on the west side of Cleveland always serves a wide selection of beers, wines, cocktails and good food as well as great drinks.

If you're looking for a courtyard in Cleveland on the East Side to grab a drink, this is the place to be. With creative names associated with everything Cleveland has to offer, you'll feel like a Clevelander when you taste the beers for fun. If you're looking to meet friends and cool off on a warm day, this may be the best courtyard in Cleveland.

We wouldn't be bothered to talk about the best terraces in Cleveland if we didn't mention this jewel in Ohio City. The South Side also deserves a reputation for an outdoor dinner, and is a great place to eat pierogi on a hot summer day or cold winter night.

They also sell tickets to most cultural events in Cleveland, and if you're looking for a place with a great view of the Ohio State University campus, you'll be glad to hear that Cleveland also has halls.

If you want to recharge your batteries without paying a high price or getting dressed, head to Johnny Little Bar on Frankfurter Allee for great food, great drinks and great views of the Ohio State University campus. This place is also known for having one of the best courtyards in Cleveland, so you can enjoy great views of both the University of Ohio campus and the city skyline.

Fans flock to see national record artists and eat on the many dishes named after jazz legends. It offers a wide selection of food and beverages, as well as great views of the Ohio State University campus. Located opposite Firestone Stadium in Akron, it is a popular place for good food, great drinks and great views of Akron.

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More About East Cleveland