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You've probably heard it said "Cleveland Rocks," and though the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame gives you every right to make that claim, Cleveland is really rocking. This northern Ohio town, located on one of the Great Lakes, offers a host of off-the-beaten-track travel options for those of you interested in art and culture. You could spend a week in pretty much any neighborhood, yet there are still no great restaurants, and Ohio City has a lot of great restaurants to choose from. Just book online in advance for the Brooklyn Centre and Old Brooklyn Hofbrauhaus, which are a lot of fun. Cleveland has a great mix of restaurants, bars, shops, cafes, hotels and more, so you could spend the week just in these neighborhoods.

If plants are your thing, visit the Cleveland Botanical Garden, located on the site of the old Cleveland Zoo, for animal lovers and curious children. When production is a little edgier but much more affordable, Clevelanders have plenty of options for their favorite art, music, food and entertainment.

The best areas with delicious food are probably in Tremont, and you can take a tour of one of them with food and beer. If you want to fit into multiple tours, the Cleveland Brew Bus is the way to go if you're desperate to have your hit on your Cleveland food. The best neighborhoods with a touch of delicacy are probably Tremon, but take the food - and beer - tours. Pierogies are a must-have food in Cleveland, so head to as many local restaurants and bars in the area as possible, such as the East Side Bar and Grill.

The University Circle, four miles east of downtown, is home to the prestigious Cleveland Orchestra, Cleveland State University and the University of Cleveland. On the east side you will find many higher education institutions, including the College of Arts and Sciences, the Cleveland Institute of Technology (CIT) and Ohio University. Locals know it as "The Circle," and it is also home to the Ohio State campus. Cleveland has one of the best public schools in the country, as well as a number of colleges and universities.

Street art can be found in the area known as Hingetown, and people call it the "Forest City," but it is not called that by various localities for nothing. Ohio City is also home to the Ohio State University campus and the University of Ohio campus. You also know the insurance market in East Cleveland, so you can join with a good insurance policy.

The East Side is a Cleveland borough that consists of the downtown area east of the Cuyahoga River. On the east side of Cleveland are the crime areas of East Cleveland, such as Euclid Avenue, East 25th Street and East 16th Avenue. The apartments are located on the banks of the bendy Cueyoga and are connected by the Ohio State University campus and the University of Ohio, as well as Ohio City, the city's largest business district. Located on the banks of the BendyCuyAHoga the Flat brings together the east and west sides of downtown Cleveland in the East Side area.

This spot on the flats offers great views of the Cleveland skyline and is the perfect place to watch the boats crossing the river.

When you are thinking of visiting Cleveland, you should follow these common sense safety tips and avoid certain areas. Depending on where you live, you will need to take out motorcycle insurance if you lease or finance a motorcycle.

The recommendation for self-quarantine applies to all people traveling to Ohio from outside the state, but not to people in the state. If you live in Ohio, Cleveland is an easy ride, and it's hard to earn your buck. You would spend a lot of money in Chicago or New York and make a bang in Cleveland - for - your dollar. Passengers must be aware of the extra fare and the stopover.

Euclid Avenue also features several hotels and motels offering a free shuttle service to and from the University of Cleveland and Cleveland State University. In some cases, University Hotel Suites (universityhotelcleveland.com) offers a free shuttle service.

The Cleveland Museum of Art, recently ranked as one of the best in America, is also a pretty cool place to celebrate. Cleveland Bike Tours offers family-friendly bike tours that allow you to explore the city and learn about its history. The Lakewood, Ohio CityArcade board game is back when paired with a beer, so head to the 100-year-old Rowley Inn.

Cleveland has a lot of museums, but perhaps one of the best is the city's open-air museum and arboretum, known as the Cleveland Botanical Garden, the first of its kind in the United States. The Garden Center of Greater Cleveland was founded in 2009 by the couple and their son and daughter-in-law to revitalize the Ohio City neighborhood. By hosting satellite CMA shows and curating photo exhibitions from their own collection, they have helped provide a platform for local artists and visitors from across the country and beyond.

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More About East Cleveland